Academy of Military Science


The Academy of Military Science (AMS) is designated very high risk as the PLA’s premier institution for military science.

AMS is responsible for leading and coordinating military science for the whole military. AMS is involved in not only the development of theory, strategy, and doctrine but also advancing national defense innovation. Pursuant to the PLA reforms, AMS has undergone dramatic changes starting in June 2017. At a July 2017 ceremony marking the AMS’s reorganisation, Xi urged the AMS to construct a ‘world-class military scientific research institution.’ Through the National Defence Science and Technology Innovation Institute, the AMS is pursuing research in cutting-edge technologies including unmanned systems, artificial intelligence, biotechnology and quantum technology.

Major defence laboratories

  • Academy of Military Medical Sciences (军事医学研究院)
  • Institute of Chemical Defense (防化研究院)
  • National Key Laboratory of Nuclear and Biochemical Disaster Protection (国民核生化灾害防护国家重点实验室)
  • Beijing Key Laboratory of Advanced Chemical Storage Technology and Materials (先进化学蓄电技术与材料北京市重点实验室 )
  • Beijing Nuclear Safety Engineering Technology Research Center (北京市核化安全工程技术研究中心)
  •  Chemical Defense Equipment Evaluation and Testing Center (防化装备评价试验中心)
  • All-Military Environmental Science Research Center (全军环境科学研究中心)
  • National Civil Defense Engineering Anti-chemical Research and Testing Center (全国人防工程防化研究试验中心)
  • Military-Use Battery Testing and Evaluation Center (军用电池试验检测中心)
  • National Innovation Institute for Defense Technology (国防科技创新研究院)
  • Artificial Intelligence Research Center (人工智能研究中心
  • Unmanned Systems Research Center (无人系统研究中心)
  • Frontier Interdisciplinary Technologies Research Center (前沿交叉研究中心)
  • National Defense Engineering Research Institute (国防工程研究院)

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