Air Force Command College


The Air Force Command College is designated very high risk for its work training air force officers in commanding military operations.

The PLA Air Force Command College in Beijing is considered the PLA Air Force’s ‘peak institution for educating mid-rank and senior officers’ for command posts across the service. The college has a long history and was initially established in Nanjing during the early years of the People’s Republic in 1958.

The Air Force Command College offers a range of degree programmes, mainly at the postgraduate level, including training in military disciplines such as military history, strategy, and tactics. It has published research on control science and radar. The college’s other specialties include battlefield command, military operations as well as political–ideological education.

Noteworthy international collaborations

In 2017, the state-owned Xinhua News Agency reported that ‘over sixty foreign military attaches based in China had been invited to visit the Air Force Command College.’ ; Xinhua noted that the visiting foreign military attaches received a general introduction to the college’s activities and inspected its operations centre to gain a ‘better understanding of the overall situation of the Air Force Command College.’ ;

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