Army Academy of Armored Forces


The Army Academy of the Armored Forces is designated very high risk for its work training personnel in the armoured corps.

The Army Academy of the Armored Forces is China’s lead institute responsible for training and research for armoured combat. This includes a focus on tank warfare, mechanised artillery and infantry operations. The academy offers training in ‘armored combat command, surveillance and intelligence, operational tactics’ as well as in engineering disciplines relevant to operations involving the PLA Ground Force’s armoured corps, such as materials science, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and automation, communications engineering, weapons systems engineering and photoelectric information science.

Major defence laboratories

  • National Key Laboratory for Remanufacturing (装备再制造技术国防科技重点实验室)

Noteworthy international collaborations

A scientist who now works at the Army Academy of the Armored Forces was a visiting scholar at the Australian National University in 2015. At the time, he was a PhD student at the National University of Defense Technology. He continued to collaborate on ceramics research with colleagues at ANU after joining the academy.

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