Beijing Electronic Science and Technology Institute


Beijing Electronic Science and Technology Institute (BESTI) is designated very high risk because of its relationship with the CCP General Office and its focus on cybersecurity and cryptography.

BESTI is a secretive university that trains information security experts for the bureaucracy. The institute is the only university run by the CCP General Office, which manages administrative matters for the Central Committee. The General Office is usually run by one of the general secretary’s most trusted aides. It oversees China’s cryptographic and state secrets agency as well as security for the party’s leadership.

BESTI has a student population of around 2,000 and has strict admission requirements. Students at the university are scrutinized for their political beliefs, and are typically CCP or Communist Youth League members. The activities of their relatives are screened for political issues. Having no parents or siblings who worked abroad or were involved in ‘illegal organisations’ is a condition of enrolment. The institute claims to count 50 ministerial-level party officials among its 12,000 graduates.

BESTI has a close relationship with Xidian University and Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications. The two universities are its primary collaborators on scientific papers. BESTI runs joint master’s programs with Xidian University in cryptography, information and communication engineering, and computer applications technology. It also has joint doctoral programs with the University of Science and Technology of China and Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications in cybersecurity.

The university runs the Key Laboratory of Information Security (信息安全重点实验室/信息安全与保密重点实验室).谢绒娜,欧海文,郑秀林.   GF(2m)上安全椭圆曲线的快速构造[J]. 北京电子科技学院学报 2009(02) Several websites claim that it runs a joint laboratory with the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of High Energy Physics, but this could not be confirmed.

Economic espionage and misconduct

BESTI has published research on rootkits and trojan horses, but it is unknown whether its activities go beyond defensive cybersecurity. ;

Defence and security links

The university’s party secretary, Bao Suixian (鲍遂献), is a criminologist with a background in the Ministry of Public Security.

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