China Aerodynamics Research and Development Center


China Aerodynamics Research and Development Center (CARDC) is designated very high risk as a military research facility.

CARDC claims to be China’s largest aerodynamics research and testing base. It hosts the State Key Laboratory of Aerodynamics (空气动力学国家重点实验室), which includes five wind tunnels and a large computer cluster. CARDC is heavily involved in research on hypersonics.

While CARDC is a military unit, its website does not mention this. The PLA officers leading the facility are instead pictured on its website in civilian clothes

(pictured: CARDC director, Major General Fan Zhaolin (范召林) in uniform (above) and in civilian attire on CARDC’s website (below). ;

Noteworthy international collaborations

CARDC hosts and attends international conferences, collaborates with foreign institutions and sends scientists abroad as visiting scholars. ; ; The center claims to have established relations with institutions around the world, including the University of Queensland, Southampton University, University of Sheffield, University of Manchester, Glasgow University, and Société Nationale d’Industrie Aérospatiale.

In 2016 and 2018, CARDC ran international conferences on computational fluid dynamics specifically for ethnic Chinese scientists. Members of the organising committee and attendees include scientists from Kansas University, Sheffield University, Taiwan University, National University of Singapore, Texas Tech University. ;

Scientists from CARDC have been sent to the University of Manchester and the University of Sheffield to study and carry out research. ;

End-user lists

CARDC has been on the US BIS Entity List since 1999. It is also included in Japan’s End User List for its role in missile development.

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