Chongqing University of Technology


Chongqing University of Technology (CQUT) is designated medium risk for its strong historical links to the weapons industry.

CQUT is a member of the B8 Cooperation Innovation Alliance (B8协同创新联盟 or 中国兵器协同创新联盟), a group of eight Chinese research institutions that specialize in armament science—the ‘B’ in ‘B8’ stands for the Chinese word for armaments, bingqi (兵器). However its involvement in defence research does not appear as expansive as the other B8 members and it is a relatively low-ranked university. In 2017, its president stated that ‘Chongqing is an important site for the weapons industry, but its military-industrial research and development ability has not yet upgraded.’ Unlike the other members of the B8, SASTIND does not appear to supervise the university.

The university has links to Norinco Group and China South Industries Group, China’s largest weapons manufacturers, and was under the supervision of the conglomerates’ predecessor, China Ordnance Industry Corporation, until 1999. ; ; In 2017 and 2018, it signed a partnerships with four local defence companies to collaborate on research and training.;

In 2011, CQUT received secret-level security credentials, enabling it to participate in classified defence projects.

Defence and security links

In 2018, CQUT convened a meeting of experts to explore establishing artificial intelligence institute. At the meeting, a professor from the PLA’s National University of Defense Technology recommended that the university expand its work on AI-related defence technologies such as drone swarms and strengthen collaboration with the National University of Defense Technology.

Noteworthy international collaborations

Chongqing University of Technology and Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology jointly offer a master’s degree in information and communications engineering. Chongqing University of Technology has also worked with Purdue University and the University of Wisconsin-Madison to provide a research platform geared towards improving talent in the advanced automobile sector.

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