Hangzhou Normal University


Hangzhou Normal University is designated medium risk for its links to China’s Ministry of Public Security (MPS).

Hangzhou Normal University is a Chinese university subordinate to the Zhejiang Provincial Government. The university was initially established in 1978 as Hangzhou Normal College (杭州师范学院) to focus on teacher training, art education as well as research in the humanities and natural sciences.http://archive.md/dAa8h Hangzhou Normal University retains this broad academic focus and oversees faculties such as the Alibaba Business School (阿里巴巴商学院).http://archive.md/RlNmg

Hangzhou Normal University collaborates with China’s MPS on the development of surveillance technology. In March 2019, the university entered into an agreement with the Zhejiang Police College, the Zhejiang Public Security Office, and Hikvision—China’s leading producer of video surveillance technology—to establish a joint laboratory.http://archive.md/XKfd3 The joint laboratory reportedly focuses on applying big data analysis, cloud computing and internet of things technology to improve China’s policing capability.http://archive.md/XKfd3

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