Nanjing Institute of Information Technology


The Nanjing Institute of Information Technology (NIIT) is designated very high risk for its affiliation with the Ministry of State Security (MSS), China’s civilian intelligence agency.

Source: Google Maps

NIIT is suspected of being run by the MSS. It describes itself as a ‘leading technological research institution subordinate to a national agency, focused on computing, communications and other fields.’ Individuals affiliated with the institute have co-authored research with colleagues at the University of International Relations, an Ministry of State Security university.曹占中,胡冬妮,李煦,潘接林,颜永红. 迭代数控制的稀疏约束波束形成算法[J]. 网络新媒体技术 2018(05) The small amount of published research associated with NIIT covers topics such as cybersecurity, big data analysis of social networks, and malware.吴建台,乔翌峰,朱赛凡,刘光杰. 基于HMM的网络安全态势评估与预测方法[J]. 导航与控制 2018(02) ; 张远,徐逸卿. 基于SVM的恶意流量检测及其改进方法分析[J]. 信息与电脑(理论版) 2018(12) ; 范磊. 利用社交网络大数据的事件分析[J]. 信息通信 2017(04)

In 2018, NIIT established a joint laboratory on information and cyber security with the Chongqing Information Security Industry Research Institute (重庆信息安全产业研究院), which is affiliated with the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. ;

In 2013, the institute was seeking to hire English speakers to work in an ‘international technological exchange’ role.

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