Nanjing Normal University


Nanjing Normal University (NNU) is designated medium risk for its work on policing technology.

Nanjing Normal University is a leading Chinese university supervised by the Ministry of Education and Jiangsu Provincial Government. The university has strengths in geospatial technology, big data and artificial intelligence.

Nanjing Normal University has close ties to the Ministry of Public Security. In 2014, the university established the Ministry of Public Security Key Laboratory for Police Geospatial Information Technology (警用地理信息技术公安部重点实验室), which researches applications of geospatial information technology for policing purposes. Nanjing Normal University has also entered into an agreement with the Nanjing Municipal Public Security Bureau, establishing the ‘Video GIS Technology Laboratory’ (视频GIS技术实验室) in April 2012.

Nanjing Normal University has a close relationship with the regional government in Xinjiang, where over 1 million Uyghurs and Kazakhs are currently held in internment camps. In 2015, the university entered into an agreement with the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Government and the Jiangsu Municipal Government to support the development of Yili Normal University. ;

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