Nanjing Tech University


Nanjing Tech University (NJTech) is designated medium risk for its growing involvement in defence research.

In 2016, NJTech came under the joint supervision of the Jiangsu Provincial Government and defence industry agency SASTIND, which is an arrangement designed to develop the university’s involvement in defense-related research and training. The university has four designated defence research areas and secret-level security credentials, allowing it to undertake classified defence technology projects. ;

NJTech is expanding its defence research on materials science, chemistry, optical engineering and systems engineering. In 2018, the university established a Military-Civil Fusion Development Research Institute to deepen its implementation of military-civil fusion. NJTech has a Defence Industry Science Office (军工科研办公室) within its Depart of Scientific of Research. This office is responsible for the university’s defence-related research and coordination. NJTTech’s School of Materials Science and Engineering (材料科学与工程学院) has previously worked on defence-related projects.–schId-230,categoryId-80098,mindex-2.dhtml ;

The university has international ties with universities in England that focus on electronics and semiconductors. It has also established a joint research center with Russian universities for advanced technology R&D.

Major defence laboratories

The State Key Laboratory of Materials-Oriented Chemical Engineering (材料化学工程国家重点实验室) is not a full defence laboratory but has engaged in defence-related projects. ; ;

Designated defence research areas

SASTIND has designated four disciplines with defence characteristics at Nanjing Tech University:

Defence and security links

The university established a Military-Civil Fusion Development Research Institute in 2018

Noteworthy international collaborations

Nanjing Tech University has an extensive program of international collaboration, working with institutions in Japan, Ukraine, Korea, the United States, Germany and Russia.

In 2016, Nanjing Tech signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Russian Academy of Science and the Moscow State University to jointly establish the ‘Southern China-Russia Advanced Technology Research Institute.’

In 2017, Nanjing Tech established joint research centres with the University of St. Andrew’s Organic Semiconductor Center and the University of Oxford Center for Plastic Electronics.

Nanjing Tech is also part of the Sino-Russian Joint International Research Laboratory for Severe Plastic Deformation of Light Metals (中俄轻金属剧烈塑性变形技术国际联合实验室).

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