National Defense University


The National Defense University (NDU) is designated very high risk for its work training PLA personnel.

NDU is the PLA’s ‘premier’ institution for training in military theory, strategy, operations and political work, which can have its history traced back to the era of Mao Zedong’s peasant-led red army in 1927. ; university is devoted to training the PLA’s officer corps in preparation for senior leadership positions. Given this focus on the softer skills of PLA administration,–schId-367819,categoryId-692179091.dhtml the National Defense University does not have as strong a focus on hard science as its counterpart, the National University of Defense Technology.

Noteworthy international collaborations

NDU sent over sixty students majoring in subject related to join combat operations to Japan, the Philippines, Uzbekistan and Turkey in July 2018, according to an English press release from the Ministry of National Defense. The report goes on to state that the National Defense University ‘received forty two foreign military delegations’ from overseas and ‘has established official exchange and cooperation ties with higher military academies in fourteen countries, including the US, Japan, Australia and Mozambique.’ The press release later claimed that the National Defence University planned on signing memoranda of understanding with military academies in Egypt, Laos, Peru later on in 2018. Courses open to international students include the higher command course as well as the defence studies course. 

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