Navy Aviation University


The Navy Aviation University is designated very-high risk for its research on naval aviation systems.

The Navy Aviation University was established upon the merger of the Naval Aviation Pilot Academy and the Naval Aviation Engineering University during Xi Jinping’s military reforms in 2017. The university conducts research into missile engineering, electrical engineering and automation, navigation engineering as well as air station management engineering and flight vehicle design engineering. Academic articles published by the university have looked at topics such as the PLA-N’s combat system capability and naval aviation management systems.马培蓓, 纪军, 单岳春;提高海军航空兵体系作战能力问题研究; 国防科技; 38:4 (2017), pp. 117-121; 纪云飞, 贾向军, 王利明; 海军航空维修安全管理体系研究; 环境适应性和可靠性; February (2018) pp. 16-19  

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