Navy Medical University


The PLA Navy Medical University is designated very high risk for its subordination to the PLA-N.

The PLA Navy Medical University, formerly known as the Second Military Medical University, was established in 1951 as a university focussed on medical research for the Chinese military.

Major defence laboratories

The PLA Navy Medical University is engaged in a range of military research that extends across a range of military universities, including the following:

Noteworthy international collaborations

The Navy Medical University has established exchanges and cooperative relationships with several overseas medical institutions, including the University of Cambridge Medical School, the Cleveland Medical Center, the University of Queensland, and the Royal Thai Army Medical School. The Navy Medical University has also engaged in exchanges with a number of African countries, after the PLAN hospital ship known as the Peace Ark (岱山岛) in 2017 traveled to Africa to provide free medical services to several African nations, according to official PRC state media.

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