Northeastern University


Northeastern University (NEU) is designated medium risk for hosting a defence laboratory.

NEU is a major civilian university subordinate to the Ministry of Education. The university hosts three national laboratories, all of which are related to industrial manufacturing technology.

NEU engages in growing levels of defence research. It holds secret-level security credentials allowing it to participate in classified weapons projects and hosts the defence-focused Key Laboratory of Aerodynamic Equipment Vibration and Control. ; In 2018, NEU was approved to build a further five laboratories that could be involved in future defence or security-related research.

In 2019, NEU joined the Shenyang Aircraft Design Institute Collaborative Innovation Alliance (沈阳飞机设计研究所协同创新联盟), a group of universities and institutes, led by defence conglomerate AVIC, that are involved in the development of military aircraft. NEU also runs a National Defense Science and Technology Development Research Institute (国防科技发展研究院). In 2019, the institute’s senior deputy director was awarded a China Industry-University-Research Cooperation Military-Civil Fusion Prize.

Major defence laboratories

  • Key Laboratory of Aerodynamic Equipment Vibration and Control, Ministry of Education (航空动力装备振动及控制教育部重点实验室(B类))

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