Northwest Institute of Nuclear Technology


Northwest Institute of Nuclear Technology (NINT) is designated very high risk as a military institution focused on nuclear technology.

NINT is one of China’s main sites of nuclear technology research. While the Chinese Academy of Engineering Physics is believed to be China’s only manufacturer of nuclear warheads, NINT likely plays a supporting role in research for nuclear weapons. It is especially active in research on lasers, which can be used in nuclear fusion reactors or weapons. Aside from nuclear technology, NINT carries out research on topics including electronics, information science, materials science, control science and chemistry. ; ;–schId-368549,categoryId-476122.dhtml

NINT has partnerships with several institutes in the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Xiangtan University, Northwestern Polytechnical University, and Xi’an Jiaotong University. ; ; ;

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NINT was added to the US government’s Entity List in 1999.

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