Officers College of the PAP


The Officers College of the PAP is designated very high risk due to its involvement in training China’s paramilitary personnel.

The Officers College of the PAP was established as an institution devoted to training officers of China’s paramilitary service in command and engineering disciplines. The college’s research focusses on combat command, command information systems engineering, philosophy, law, political education, Chinese language and literature, history, mathematics, physics, applied psychology, electrical science and technology, computer science and technology, and management science and engineering.

The Officers College of the PAP is especially active in developing drone technology. On 26 June 2019, the college tested its X-Swift unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) for a test surveillance and reconnaissance flight with special operations personnel in Sichuan.

The college is also active in developing applications for drone technology. Researchers from the college have collaborated with personnel from the PLA Logistics Engineering University to publish an article in favour of deploying UAVs to southern Xinjiang for counter-terrorism missions. The researchers argue for UAVs to be deployed for regional surveillance and strike as well as search and seizure missions in Xinjiang, drawing off lessons from the US coalition against ISIS.

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