Shanghai University


Shanghai University (SHU) is designated medium risk for its growing involvement in defence research.

SHU is engaged in growing levels of defence research. In 2016, the Shanghai Municipal Government and defence industry agency SASTIND agreed to jointly supervise and support its participation in defence research. ;

Shanghai University has begun building up its capability in defence research in areas such as unmanned surface vehicles, materials for missiles, and microwave technology. ; It holds secret-level security credentials, allowing it to participate in classified defence technology projects.

Shanghai University’s Research Institute of Unmanned Surface Vehicle Engineering researches and produces unmanned surface vessels, some of which are for the China Maritime Safety Administration. ;

Designated defence research areas

Defence and security links

Cai Daming, the Party-Secretary of the China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation’s 701 Research Institute, made a visit to Shanghai University’s Research Institute of USV Engineering on 31 October 2017. According to a Shanghai University press release, the meeting was focused on improving scientific exchange and collaboration between the two institutions.

Noteworthy international collaborations

SHU runs the Sino-Sweden Microsystem Integration Technology (SMIT) Center and the International Centre for Quantum and Molecular Structures. ;

SHU is the Chinese partner institution of 5 Confucius Institutes in North America, Europe and Asia.

By May 2019, SHU had signed cooperation agreements with over 206 universities in 53 countries.

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