Shenyang Ligong University


Shenyang Ligong University (SYLU) is designated very high risk for its close relationship with Chinese weapons manufacturers and deep involvement in defence research.

SYLU is a civilian university that specialises in defence research. The university’s primary areas of defence research are armament science, information and communications engineering, control science, materials science and mechanical engineering. Apart from Xi’an Technological University, SYLU is the only Chinese civilian university supervised by state-owned arms manufacturers Norinco Group and China South Industries Group. In 2016, it also came under the supervision of defence industry agency SASTIND.

SYLU is a member of the B8 Cooperation Innovation Alliance (B8协同创新联盟 or 中国兵器协同创新联盟), a group of eight Chinese research institutions that specialize in armament science—the ‘B’ in ‘B8’ stands for the Chinese word for armaments, bingqi (兵器). The university runs a weapons museum on its campus. Furthermore, SYLU is a member of the Liaoning Military-Civil Fusion Arms Industry-College Alliance (辽宁军民融合(兵工)产业校企联盟) and SYLU’s president doubles as chairman of the alliance. This indicates close ties between SYLU and China’s arms industry.

Major defence laboratories

Other laboratories at SYLU that are involved in defence research, while not being dedicated defence laboratories, include

  • Liaoning Provincial Advanced Manufacturing Technology and Equipment Key Laboratory(辽宁省先进制造技术与装备重点实验室)
  • Liaoning Provincial Metallic Materials Advanced Processing Technology Key Laboratory (辽宁省金属材料先进加工技术重点实验室)
  • Liaoning Provincial Information Network and Information Counter-measures Technology Key Laboratory (辽宁省信息网络与信息对抗技术重点实验室)
  • Liaoning Provincial Laser and Optical Information Technology Key Laboratory (辽宁省激光与光信息技术重点实验室)
  • Liaoning Provincial Waste Water Management Technology Key Laboratory (辽宁省废水治理技术重点实验室)
  • Liaoning Provincial Laboratory of Intelligent and Networked Observation and Control Technology (辽宁省智能与网络化测控技术重点实验室)
  • Liaoning Provincial New-model Energy-saving Wall Materials Key Laboratory (辽宁省新型节能墙体材料重点实验室)

Designated defence research areas

Noteworthy international collaborations

SYLU claims to collaborate with numerous foreign universities from countries such as France, Germany, the United Kingdom, and Russia. SYLU runs the National Shenyang Sino-Russian Science and Technology Cooperation Base, which includes a wind tunnel and a microwave weapons laboratory. In 2007, SYLU finalised an agreement to begin joint degree program with Tonsk Polytechnic University. Majors offered in the program included materials science, automation and control and the first graduates took their degrees in 2011. SYLU also runs a Confucius Institute at Tomsk State University, which is touted as being one of the world’s best.

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