Shijiazhuang Tiedao University


Shijiazhuang Tiedao University (STDU) is designated low risk for its low level of defence research.

STDU specializes in transportation science, engineering and information technology. Its predecessor was the PLA Railway Engineering College.

Since 2013, STDU has also been supervised by defence industry agency SASTIND through an arrangement designed to expand the university’s involvement in defense-related research and training.  STDU has secret-level security credentials, allowing it to participate in classified defense technology research.

STDU is home to the National Defense Transportation Research Institute (国防交通研究所), which is the only civilian university research institute that specializes in national defense transportation research. ; STDU is also home to the Institute of Complex Networks and Visualisations (复杂网络与可视化研究所), which develops military-use information processing software including remote-control systems for aerospace applications.

Defence and security links

STDU is home to one provincial military-civil fusion base for research and production. The Institute of Complex Networks and Visualisations also actively promotes MCF and has applied its research to several space missions, including Tiangong No. 1, Shenzhou No. 8, Shenzhou No. 9 and Shenzhou No. 10.

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