Space Engineering University


The PLA Strategy Support Force’s Space Engineering University (SEU) is designated very high risk as a military institution involved in space research.

SEU was established in June 2017 as an expansion of the former PLA Equipment Academy (装备学院). SEU describes itself as a ‘comprehensive university that trains talents for space command management and engineering.’ It is intended to serve as the ‘cradle of the new PLA’s space talent training.’ The SEU is subordinate to and supports the PLA Strategic Support Force’s Space Systems Department (航天系统部), which has taken over the space and potentially counterspace capabilities that were previously the purview of the former General Armaments Department and, to a lesser degree, the former General Staff Department.

The SEU offers degree programs at the undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral levels, as well as programs for non-commissioned officers, across disciplines including space target surveillance, remote sensing science and technology, and aerospace information security. Its faculty include nine CMC Science and Technology Commission experts and twenty professors who are designated as expert defence science and technology advisors.

Beyond its mission of talent cultivation, the SEU also engages in extensive research. In particular, the SEU has a total of eighteen laboratories, which include two national-level key laboratories and one military-level key laboratory. ;

Major defence laboratories

Economic espionage and misconduct

PLA scholars from the former Equipment Academy or Equipment Command and Technology Academy, predecessors to SEU, have leveraged overseas study and research in ways that enable weapons development.

For instance, as reported in 2012, Yu Xiaohong (于小红), an  anti-satellite weaponry scientist with the Equipment Command and Technology Academy, had reportedly been a visiting scholar at the University of Michigan while claiming to be from the Chinese Academy of Sciences. ; ;

Noteworthy international collaborations

SEU intends to increase opportunities for faculty and post-doctoral students to study abroad and to establish mechanisms for exchange and collaboration with foreign military academies. Reportedly, over 50 SEU students won awards in domestic and international innovation competitions between 2017 and 2018.

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