University of Science and Technology Beijing


University of Science and Technology Beijing (USTB) is designated high risk for its close relationship to the defence industry and high level of defence research.

USTC is a leading university subordinate to the MOE. The university engages in high levels of defence research and claims be among the top MOE universities for defence spending. Since 2018, it has been under a joint-construction agreement between the MOE and defence industry agency SASTIND that is designed to expand its involvement in defence research.

USTB is known as the ‘cradle of steel’ for its training and research on metallurgy. The university’s defence research appears to focus on metallurgy and materials science. It hosts at least three laboratories dedicated to defence research, including two that are jointly run with state-owned defence conglomerates. The head of USTB’s Institute of Advanced Materials and Technology also heads a SASTIND-supported defence science and technology innovation team.

The university holds secret-level security credentials, allowing it participate in research and production for classified weapons and defence technology projects.

Major defence laboratories

Defence and security links

In 2017, USTB organised a forum on military-civil fusion together with SASTIND, the Central Military Commission and several state-owned defence and steel companies.

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