University of South China


The University of South China (USC) is designated high risk for its high level of defence research and close links to China’s nuclear industry.

USC specialises in nuclear engineering. It has a well-developed defence research program and has been the subject of several joint-construction agreements between the Hunan Provincial Government and defence industry agency SASTIND since 2002. These agreements are designed to ‘support USC in going a step further to display its defence characteristics based on the development needs of the defence technology industry.’ USC is also supervised by China National Nuclear Corporation, a state-owned defence nuclear engineering conglomerate.

USC carries out large amounts of defence research related to nuclear engineering, as well as work on information technology, communications engineering, control engineering and electrical engineering. The university received secret level security credentials in 2008, allowing it to work on classified defence projects.

Major defence laboratories

Designated defence research areas

Noteworthy international collaborations

In 2017, USC and the Australian National University signed a memorandum of understanding to collaborate of fusion energy research.

USC collaborates with over 30 universities in the US, Australia, UK, Canada and has joint degree arrangements with eight universities in the US, UK, and Australia.

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