Xi'an University of Posts and Telecommunications


Xi’an University of Posts and Telecommunications (XUPT) is designated medium risk for its work with China’s Ministry of Public Security.

XUPT is a leading Chinese university supervised by the Shaanxi Provincial Government and the Department of Information Technology.http://archive.md/uPI9s ; http://archive.md/EVQIW ; http://archive.md/wThHK The university was established in 1959 as an institution focused on communications and information technology.http://archive.md/uPI9s XUPT retains a focus on these discipline to this day. XUPT’s faculties include college focusing on artificial intelligence, automation, cyber security and electrical engineering.http://archive.md/uPI9s

XUPT maintains close links to China’s Ministry of Public Security (MPS). The university has signed agreements and established joint laboratories with the MPS’s local counterparts.

In November 2013, XUPT partnered with the Shaanxi Municipal Government’s public security ministry to establish the MPS Key Laboratory of Electronic Information Application Technology for Scene Investigation (公安部电子信息现场勘验应用技术重点实验室).http://archive.md/BZUh8 This was the first such joint laboratory that the MPS established with a university in any of China’s five north-western provinces.http://archive.md/kAMeu

XUPT partnered with Xi’an’s Yanta District Public Security Bureau branch in November 2018, establishing the ‘Joint Laboratory for Smart Public Security Information Analysis and Applications’ (公安信息智能分析及应用联合实验室).http://archive.md/upWcI The joint laboratory develops applications of artificial intelligence for analysing criminal information.http://archive.md/0KM54

Major defence laboratories

Noteworthy international collaborations

XUPT has an active international outreach program. The university claims to have ties with 58 overseas institutions in countries such as Australia, Belarus, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, India, Korea, Russia, Taiwan, Thailand, the United Kingdom and the United States.http://archive.md/nFekn XUPT academics participating in international exchanges are required to abide by strict secrecy regulations.http://archive.md/axP3l

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