Zhengzhou University


Zhengzhou University (ZZU) is designated medium risk for its involvement in defence research and collaborations with PLA affiliated entities.

Zhengzhou University was established by the Henan Provincial Government and is jointly overseen by the institution and the Ministry of Education in Beijing.https://archive.fo/akOCd ZZU was selected as one of 42 ‘world-class’ universities under the Ministry of Education’s Double First Class University Plan—a plan that seeks to improve the global standing of China’s elite universities.https://archive.fo/R0g9l ; https://archive.fo/srWcG ; https://archive.fo/kp2kY ; https://cset.georgetown.edu/wp-content/uploads/CSET-Universities-and-the-Chinese-Defense-Technology-Workforce.pdf ; https://www.insidehighered.com/blogs/world-view/985-world-class-20-chinas-strategic-move In 2016, ZZU obtained secret-level security credentials.https://archive.fo/jCV45

ZZU and the Information Engineering University—a university affiliated with the PLA—maintain extensive cooperation, having first signed a cooperation agreement as early as 2010.https://archive.fo/RbHsF In 2018, the two parties signed a military-civil fusion cooperation agreement in the field of cybersecurity and informatization, which enabled them to explore establishing the Zhongyuan Cybersecurity Research Institute (中原网络安全研究院).https://archive.fo/FPvXf ; https://archive.fo/5sQmB In 2021, the Zhongyuan Cybersecurity Research Institute was officially established with the goal of creating cybersecurity disciplines and cultivating high-level talents.https://archive.fo/5sQmB ; https://archive.fo/MJKgM In 2017, ZZU and the PLA Information Engineering University also announced plans to jointly establish a military-civil fusion research institute.https://archive.fo/OPFGP ; https://archive.fo/MWmpg

ZZU hosts the National Supercomputer (Zhengzhou) Centre (国家超级计算 (郑州) 中心), which was established on the university’s campus in November 2020. https://archive.fo/9PGJH ; https://archive.fo/jhaL8 It was the seventh supercomputer centre approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology and will focus on research in fields including artificial intelligence, high-end equipment, social management, digital economy, environmental governance and precision medicine. The centre is based in Henan province but intends to ‘serve the whole country.’https://archive.fo/9PGJH The National Supercomputer (Zhengzhou) Centre was added to the US Entity List in April 2021.https://www.federalregister.gov/documents/2021/04/09/2021-07400/addition-of-entities-to-the-entity-list

A university professor affiliated with Zhengzhou University’s School of Electrical Engineering—Professor Zhang— was a former professor at the PLA-affiliated Information Engineering University and specialises in smart police technology and network and information security.https://archive.fo/mG0cm His research has won military science and technology awards and he has led several national-level research projects that relate to public security risk prevention and control technologies. In 2014, Professor Zhang filed a patent for an IP Video Real-time Monitoring Method and System under the Information Engineering University and a national-level research institute.https://archive.fo/vaL5x

Zhengzhou University’s School of Life Sciences has undertaken seven national defence projects funded by the Central Military Commission Science and Technology Commission.https://archive.fo/S09Z0 Two of these projects are ongoing through 2022.

ZZU has a joint centre with the Aviation Industry Corporation of China, the ZZU—AVIC Joint Laboratory for Intelligent Unmanned Systems (郑州大学-中航某单位智能无人系统联合实验室).https://archive.fo/TbnwU

Defence and security links

Although there are currently no defence labs affiliated with ZZU found, the university announced that it would work to promote the Ministry of Education’s Thirteenth Five-Year Plan Science and Technology Development for Higher Education Institutions by establishing more defence laboratories.https://archive.fo/ml0Wm

Noteworthy international collaborations

ZZU is a founding member of the Sino-Russia Language and Culture University Alliance, a sponsor member of the Sino-Russia Journalism Education University Alliance, and a member of the Sino-Russia Medicine University Alliance.https://archive.fo/m8zSr

End-user lists

The National Supercomputer (Zhengzhou) Centre was added to the US Entity List in April 2021 under the aliases National Supercomputer Centre Zhengzhou and NSCC-ZZ.https://www.federalregister.gov/documents/2021/04/09/2021-07400/addition-of-entities-to-the-entity-list

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