Army Research Institute


The Army Research Institute is designated very high risk for its affiliation with the military and research into defence technology.

The Army Research Institute is an institution devoted to advanced defence research with applications to land warfare. The institute engages in a variety of defence research including radar technology, lasers, and hybrid electric vehicles. Researchers from the institute are known to have collaborated with partners from China’s civilian universities in areas such as advanced manufacturing and automatic control, and laser technology. 樊帆, 闫兴鹏, 李沛, 张腾, 韩超, 王晨卿, 蒋晓瑜; 针对一般情形的全息单元有效视角图像切片嵌合法全息体视图打印; 中国激光;

The Army Research Institute collaborates with civilian companies as part of China’s military-civil fusion program. For example, General Guo Guangsheng from the Army Research Institute made a visit to Hong Run Precision Instruments Co. Ltd. (虹润精密仪器有限公司) on 24 August 2019 to assess how the company was performing in its military-civil fusion activities. ; Researchers from the Army Research Institute have also been involved in the product design and development of dual-use automobiles as part of a military-civil fusion project called ‘Research, Development and Commerialisation of Advanced Off-road Passenger Vehicles’ (新一代军民通用高端越野乘用汽车研发及产业化). The project included research into vehicles such as the BJ80 military and civilian off-road passenger vehicles as well as the BJ40L off-road vehicle.

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