Beihang University


Beihang University is designated very high risk for its top-secrect security credentials, high number of defence laboratories and defence research areas, and strong relationship with the defence industry.

Beihang University engages in very high levels of defence research as one of the ‘Seven Sons of National Defence’ subordinate to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. The university specialises in aviation and spaceflight research. The top four employers of Beihang graduates in 2018 were all state-owned missile or defence aviation companies. In total, 29% of 2018 Beihang graduates who found employment were working in the defence sector.

Beihang scientists are involved in the development of Chinese military aircraft and missiles. In 2018, the university signed a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement with China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, a state-owned conglomerate that produces ballistic missiles and satellites. The university is also noteworthy for its leading research on stealth technology.

Beihang hosts at least eight major defence laboratories working on fields such as aircraft engines, inertial navigation and fluid dynamics.

Major defence laboratories

Designated defence research areas

Beihang has over 28 defence disciplines, and possibly as many as 38 in total.In 2015, Beihang University claimed to have 28 defence disciplines. Today, it claims to have 10. This may indicate that the original 28 disciplines were from an earlier five-year plan, and that the university has had 10 more disciplines approved under the 13th five-year plan. ; These include

Noteworthy international collaborations

In 2005, Beihang and a group of five French universities jointly established the Sino-French Engineering School in Beijing.

In November 2014, Beihang and the University of Wollongong established a joint research centre.

End-user lists

Beihang University is included in both the Japan End User List and US Government Entity List. Its subsidiary Beijing Beihang Tianhua was also added to the US Government Entity List in 2013.See entity list for a full list of aliases used by this company

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