China North Industries Group


China North Industries Group (Norinco Group) is designated very high risk for its work developing a wide range of armaments.

Norinco Group was established in 1999 as a state-owned defence conglomerate devoted to the development and production of armaments for Chinese and foreign defence customers. Its main defence products include artillery and tear gas, air defence and anti-missile systems, anti-tank missiles and precision-guided munitions as well as armoured vehicles such as main battle tanks and infantry combat vehicles. Bloomberg reports that Norinco Group’s civilian products include various engineering services and heavy-duty construction equipment. Norinco Group employs over 210,000 personnel, has revenues exceeding US$68.8 billion and is listed on the Fortune 500.

Norinco Group has hundreds of subsidiaries and subordinate research institutes in China and around the world that have been catalogued by the International Peace Information Service and Omega Research Foundation in their working paper on the company and on Norinco Group’s website.

Norinco Group’s Institute of Computer Application Technology (中国兵器工业计算机应用技术研究所) was one of the first adopters of internet technology and remains a leading company for research into network security. The institute hosts four internet research centres and is reported to work with the National Administration for State Secrets Protection (国家保密局) on the Information Security and Testing and Evaluation Centre (涉密信息系统安全保密测评中心).

Major defence laboratories

  • FMS Technology Key Laboratory of science & Technology for National Defence (柔性制造系统技术国防科技重点实验室)姜艳,林田,俞研,张岳新.   CIMS环境下基于产品数据管理的信息集成[J]. 长春光学精密机械学院学报 1999(02)
    • Based in NORINCO Group No. 55 Institute (中国兵工集团第55研究所) aka Changchun Equipment Technology Institute (长春设备工艺研究所)
  • National Defense Technology Key Laboratory on Security and Reliability for Initiating Devices (火工品安全性可靠性国防科技重点实验室)
    • Based in NORINCO Group No. 213 Institute (Xi’an) (中国兵工集团第213研究所(西安)) aka Shaanxi Applied Physics and Chemistry Institute (陕西应用物理化学研究所)
  • National Key Lab of Science and Technology on Combustion and Explosion (火炸药燃烧国防科技重点实验室)
    • NORINCO Group No. 204 Institute (中国兵工集团第204研究所) aka Xi’an Modern Chemistry Institute (西安近代化学研究所)
  • National Defense Science and Technology Key Laboratory for Mechatronical Engineering and Control (机电工程与控制国防科技重点实验室)
    • Xi’an 212th Institute (西安212所) aka Xi’an Electromechanical Information Institute (西安机电信息研究所)
    • Jointly run with Beijing Institute of Technology

Economic espionage and misconduct

NORINCO, the export-import wing of Norinco Group, has provided armaments to dictatorships around the world. NORINCO has been sanctioned by the United States for providing missile components to Iran. NORINCO has also supplied VN-4 armed personnel carriers to Nicolas Maduro’s Venezuela, which drew criticism after 72 were killed during demonstrations. ;

Noteworthy international collaborations

NORINCO has been contracted to upgrade infrastructure along the Savannakhet road in central Laos, located around 430 kilometres southeast of Vientiane. The upgrade is said by the China Daily to involve ‘construction of 88.2 km road, bridge and culvert, as well as installation of traffic signs and fence.’

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