Nanjing Army Command College


The Nanjing Army Command College is designated very high risk for its work training military personnel in ground combat operations.

The Nanjing Army Command College is an institute devoted to training mid-career staff officers in preparation for command the PLA Ground Force. Disciplines of focus for the college include joint campaign tactics, warfighting command, military training and combat simulations.

Noteworthy international collaborations

The Nanjing Army Command College is known to host exchange students from foreign militaries. According to Chinese state media, the Nanjing Army Command College provides oversight of the International Military Education Exchange Center (IMEEC). In early 2019, 25 military officers from Francophone countries attended the IMEEC at the Nanjing Army Command College. There are believed to be 146 exchange students from 77 countries studying at the College’s IMEEC.

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