Naval Command College


The Naval Command College is designated very high risk due to its work training officers for naval warfare and intelligence work.

The Naval Command College is an institution that provides education and training for naval officers in a variety of disciplines such as military thought, strategic studies, intelligence training and political work along with military operations, tactics and campaigns. The college plays a crucial role in improving the quality of PLA Navy personnel, as well as providing combined arms training for mid-career political commissars, logistics officers and equipment officers. p. 23 The college serves to improve strategic and tactical thinking in the PLA Navy by hosting the Naval Campaigns and Tactics Center Laboratory (海军战役战术中心实验室) and producing research that looks at operationalising new training and command systems.陈钊,赵斯强,宋彬,赵旭赟; 面向服务的集成式海军作战指挥训练系统构建; 35:5 (2015), 82-87 ; ; ; ; It is the PLA-N’s last remaining command academic institution.

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