Tongji University


Tongji University is designated medium risk for its inclusion on the US government’s Unverified List and involvement in defence research.

Tongji University recognized for its work in architecture, civil engineering, marine geology, and transportation engineering. The university established the only state key laboratory of deep-sea geology, which plays an important role in China’s deep-sea observation and serves as a significant platform for the country’s marine strategy.

The university’s involvement in marine research likely stems from its joint construction with the State Oceanic Administration (SOA). In 2010, the Ministry of Education and the State Oceanic Administration signed to jointly establish 17 universities, a collaboration aimed at enhancing the ability to cultivate marine talents in universities, develop marine science and technology, and make contributions to the development of China’s marine industry.

Tongji University has secret-level security credentials and is home to one Ministry of Education laboratory dedicated to defense research. In April 2019, the university was placed on the U.S. Unverified List, which places restrictions on US exports to the university. Entities are added the Unverified List if the US Government is unable to satisfactorily carry out end-user checks on them to ensure compliance with export licenses.

Major defence laboratories

  • Ministry of Education Key Laboratory of Advanced Microstructure Materials (先进微结构材料教育部重点实验室(B类))

The following are not a full defence laboratories but have researchers involved in defence or security-related research:

A list of Tongji University’s laboratories can be found in Chinese here.

Defence and security links

In July 2018, Tongji University signed a strategic cooperation contract with iFLYTEK, which is the largest publicly listed Artificial Intelligence and intelligent speech and language technologies provider in the Asia-Pacific region.同济大学与科大讯飞有限公司签署战略合作协议-同济大学新闻网“为了推动人工智能技术的持续进步和产业化发展,7月6日,同济大学与科大讯飞有限公司签署战略合作协议,双方将充分发挥各自优势” (

A polar researcher at Tongji University said that “polar regions, together with the oceans, the internet and space exploration, have become new but strategic areas where China is seeking to develop in the future.” As a university that was jointly constructed by the State Oceanic Administration and has a polar program overseen by SOA, the university demonstrates its involvement in accomplishing goals for the country’s national marine development

Noteworthy international collaborations

 In 2005, Tongji University signed an MOU with the University of California system to promote exchange and communication in research and academia. The university also has joint labs with IBM’s Technical Center and the Windows CE Embedded Systems Laboratory.

In 2012, Tongji University established the Center for Phononics and Thermal Energy Science (声子学与热能科学研究中心) with the National University of Singapore. ;

In 2013, Tongji University’s School of Economics and Management signed a General Agreement on Strategic Partnership with France’s ESCP Europe Business School. The two entities plan to further cooperate in faculty, executive training, scientific research, and initiate an executive education program focusing on smart cities.

End-user lists

In 2019, Tongji University was added to the US Government’s Unverified List as ‘Tongji University, 1239 Siping Road, Shanghai, China 200092’.

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