Wuhan University of Technology


Wuhan University of Technology (WHUT) is designated high risk for its high level of defence research.

WHUT is subordinate to the Ministry of Education. The university originally specialised in research relating to construction, transport and automobiles.http://archive.fo/xDrjo It engages in high levels of defence research and has been under a ‘joint-construction’ agreement between the Ministry of Education and defence industry agency SASTIND since 2016.https://web.archive.org/web/20190722042435/https://news.whu.edu.cn/info/1002/46364.htm It holds secret-level security credentials.http://archive.fo/ZVMpK

The university hosts two Ministry of Education laboratories dedicated to defence research on materials science and ship technology. WHUT also works closely with the PLA Air Force on defensive engineering such as the construction of aircraft bunkers and underground shelters. Since 2001, WHUT and the Guangdong Military Region Air Force Engineering and Construction Bureau have run a joint research institute, which ‘takes advantage of [WHUT’s] State Key Laboratory of Advanced Technology for Materials Synthesis and Processing’.http://archive.fo/u9Kgv ‘In 2012, the PLA Air Force Logistics Department and WHUT held a signing ceremony inaugurating the “Air Force-level Military-Civil Fusion Air Defence Engineering Construction Technology Innovation Platform Cooperation Agreement” (空军级军民融合式空防工程建设科技创新平台合作协议)’. The same department in cooperation with WHUT also jointly established the Air Force Air Defence Engineering Construction Technology Innovation Platform (空军级空防工程建设科技创新平台), with ‘the goal of innovating mutually beneficial technologies.’http://archive.md/u9Kgv

Source: Wuhan University of Technology News

Source: Wuhan University of Technology News

Major defence laboratories

WHUT’s State Key Laboratory of Advanced Technology for Materials Synthesis and Processing is also involved in defence research and is known to work with the PLA Air Force.http://archive.fo/u9Kgv On the laboratory’s website, it lists ‘advanced composite materials for advanced national defence weapons and equipment’ as one of its five research areas.https://web.archive.org/web/20181230092634/http://sklwut.whut.edu.cn/sysgk/sysjj/

Designated defence research areas

SASTIND has approved six disciplines with defence characteristics at WHUT:https://web.archive.org/web/20190815042602/http://dept.whut.edu.cn/xb/zyxw/201709/t20170912_274567.htm

Defence and security links

WHUT’s Qingdao Research Institute specialises in work on dual-use technologies such as advanced materials and seeks to ‘accelerate the indigenous development of weapons and equipment and push forth higher iterations of high-end equipment.’https://web.archive.org/web/20190722043718/http://www.qingdao.gov.cn/n172/n24624151/n24625555/n24625569/n24625597/180607094037481645.html

Noteworthy international collaborations

Wuhan University of Technology and the University of Southampton run the High Performance Ship Technology Joint Center.https://web.archive.org/web/20190815041726/http://st.whut.edu.cn/xygk/szdw/201404/t20140418_115075.shtml WHUT also runs a defence laboratory in the same field.

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