Yunnan Normal University


Yunnan Normal University (YNNU) is designated medium risk for its research on ethnic minorities and ties to the government’s ethnic affairs bureaucracy.

YNNU is a Chinese university subordinate to the Yunnan Provincial Government. Since 2013 it has also been supervised by the Ministry of Education. ; The university has been focused on training teacher since its inception as the Kunming Teachers College (昆明示范学院) in 1950. YNNU now has a broader focus on a variety of humanities, social and natural science disciplines.

YNNU is organised into numerous faculties, some of which are relevant for communist party cadre training:

  • School of Disciplinary Inspection and Supervision (云南纪检监察学院)
  • Yunnan Southwestern Associated Cadre Training Academy (云南西南联大干部教育学院)
  • School of Marxism (马克思主义学院)
  • School of Information Science and Technology (信息学院)
  • School of Physical and Electrical Engineering (物理电子信息学院)

YNNU established the Key Laboratory of Educational Informationization for Nationalities, Ministry of Education (民族教育信息化教育部重点实验室) in June 2010. The laboratory carries out research on integrating information technology into the education of ethnic minorities, involving computer science, ethnology and psychology. The laboratory provided an update of its research to cadres from the Yunnan Provincial Ethnic and Religious Affairs Commission in 2017. This research may have applications in the re-education of ethnic minorities.

Noteworthy international collaborations

The university’s Key Laboratory of Educational Informationization for Nationalities sends students to study a range of disciplines overseas. Students from the laboratory have been sent to universities such as Ohio State University, the University of Miami, the University of North Florida, and Pennsylvania State University.

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