South China University of Technology


South China University of Technology (SCUT) is designated medium risk for its growing involvement in defence research and relationship with defence industry agency SASTIND.

SCUT is subordinate to the Ministry of Education and in 2018 was placed under a joint-construction agreement between the MOE and SASTIND. This arrangement is designed to develop the university’s involvement in defence-related research and training. SCUT also holds secret-level security credentials, allowing it to participate in research and production for classified weapons and defence technology projects. ; As a result of the university’s placement under joint construction and its secret-level security credentials, SCUT’s involvement in defence research is likely to grow in coming years.

Since 2008, the university has hosted a defence research laboratory on materials science. The lab was initially run by the university’s president. In 2017, the university joined the Guangzhou Civil-Military Integration Industry Coalition. 

More recently in 2019, SCUT and iFlytek established an artificial intelligence company, Guangzhou Huanan Naokong Zhineng Keji Gongsi (广州华南脑控智能科技公司).

Major defence laboratories

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